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Blueberry Pancakes… I mean… Senior Moments

Looking for the appropriate way to tell your elders that they are old and forgetful? Get Senior… …Moments. The board game that’s so slow and aimless, they gave it two sets of ellipses. It’s the gift that you can keep on giving, because they’ll never remember that you gave it to them.

Senior Moments the Game

 Loser gets sent off to the nursing home! Let’s take a closer look.

Wow, that’s a lot of pieces. I can’t believe the playing tokens aren’t Werther’s Original candies.

Let’s talk about the box itself. First of all, love the color choice. It’s prune, and we all know how the elderly love their prunes. Smart marketing choice. And the half a pair of glasses (probably the victim of a senior moment accident) is another brilliant touch. How this game wound up on the shelf of TJ Maxx is beyond me.

Man-Armed Lady isn’t making that expression because she is losing the game. She’s not even playing. She’s just tired of having to continuously explain the rules and getting interrupted with stories about a fruit stand they visited during The War.  Grampa Plaid Shirt has lost control of his arms because he thinks he has Bingo.

In summary, this game is the perfect way to remind someone, “Hey, at least you’re not dead yet.”

Found by: Thanks to Bess for sending me this incredible find.
Found at: Tha Maxx, Kansas City