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Our Lady Of Boobs, er Booze

Identifying your wine glass at a party can be a challenge, unless you have a set of those nifty charm things. Instead, I plan on showing up to all parties with this delightful wine glass.


I’m pretty sure a teenage boy or a plastic surgeon designed this glass. Not only are the breasts enormous and abnormally round, but they’re practically a chin rest for this lady. But I bet she appreciates it since her pencil neck probably can’t support the weight of her bulbous head. The level of back pain this lady must experience!


Then again, if my breasts are so massive that they are wider than my arm, I think chronic back pain would take a back seat to my lack of mobility. Or, judging by her oddly tapered dress, she may be a mermaid. Her giant boobs might be an evolutionary floatation device.


I thought they took classy to the next level by adding a Camel Wide on the side, but I think it’s really a flesh-colored lipstick. With a kiss-print on the other side in a completely different color.

Yep, so I’m going to take this glass to parties. I don’t think it can ever be washed, so I’ll probably have to commit to red or white right off the bat. The trail of blue glitter will leave a fun reminder of my presence.

Found by: Caroline
Found at: Tha Maxx, Kansas City